Roy and Debbie Byrne
Paul Brocklehurst
Junior and Betty Burt
Bruce and Bonnie Critch
Corvin and Sandy Colbourne
Tony and Hilda Fleming
Lloyd and Barb Gill
Roy and Audrey Goulding
Roy and Liz Greene
Shawn and Dena Hancock
Dale and Barb Head
Arlene Harris / Todd Herridge
Rob Hodder
Ray and Martha Hunter

Dianne Langdon
Jim O'Dea
Reg and Gertie Lee
Lillian Lindahl
Gary/Barbara Parsons
Terry and Lynda O'Neil
Dave and Betty Pelley
Gerry/Linda Buckley

Owen and Marilyn Peyton
Brian and Beverly Peyton
Wayne and Vi Quibell
John and Kandi Saunders
Bill and Joan Smith
Duane Sutherland
Garland and Velma Taylor
Brian Whitehorne

Stan and Cynthia Winsor

Don Bishop

Tom Maher/Lorraine Smith
Jeff Marginson

Tom and Lillian Hancock
Dave and Dulcie Lee
George and Christine Anthony
Terry Rideout
Dave/Sheila Moss

Matthew Boone
Dwayne and Cecilia Thompson
Joe Dyke

Chris Folkes
George and Rita Finley
Irving and Patricia Angell
Irving and Patricia Angell
Allen Bishop
John Pritchett/Naomi Collier
Steve and Cavell Pelley
Bernard Pelley
Mia Evans

Stephen Lane
Rex Bursey
Glen and June Peyton
Glenn and June Peyton
Ben and Carol Ouellette
Calvin and Donna Warford
John and Christine Quinlan
Byron Sheppard